Augmenting traditional livelihoods through MGNREGS

Old Mohong-I village is in 2-Upper Lekang Anchal Samity under CD Lekang Block of Namsai District. It has a population of 380 and fish rearing is the main source of livelihood in the village. This is a case study of a village successfully utilising available land to augment their traditional source of livelihood in Mohong through MGNREGS works.



Mohong village had available land and a road connecting it to the highway. In 2015, the people in Mohong village submitted a proposal to the Lekang Block Development Officer (BDO) for construction of fish ponds on these available lands. The BDO in consultation with the MGNREGS technical functionaries and Upper Mohong Gram Panchayat leaders approved the proposal for construction of two fish ponds of 40X30 m each. The EO (RE) of CD Block Lekang visited the site and give measurement details to the villagers.



Mohong village’s traditional livelihood was fish cultivation and all the job card holders participated in the fish pond construction. This enabled them to rear and sell more fish. The extra income earned by the Old Mohong-I Gram Panchayat is used for village development activities.


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