Community welfare and benefits through MGNREGS works

Three note-worthy initiatives taken up in various Gram Panchayats of Udaipur district of Rajasthan with the help of MGNREGS works promote enhanced irrigation efficiency, hygienic living conditions for livestock and organic farming. This benefits communities at large and especially the farmers.

  1. Harit-dhara project in various Gram Panchayats has repaired damaged sluice gates of 84 irrigation tanks, which were handed over to the Panchayat Raj Institutions by the Water Resources Department for maintenance. The lack of funds for periodic maintenance of these tanks had led to junked sluice gates and a distorted canal network that impacted its irrigation capacity. 55The officers at various administrative levels met with the water distribution societies for comprehensive planning of works. Through MGNREGA, these tanks were first geo-tagged and then repaired. The key objectives of this intervention were to repair the damaged sluice gates, strengthen the earthen embankments to reduce seepage losses and de-silt the damaged canal network which would enhance the irrigation capacity and efficiency of the tanks. The key challenges in the execution of the work was replacement of damaged sluice gates and silted canal which was overcome through proper implementation of the 60:40 labour and material ratio at the Gram Panchayat level. This repair work of the irrigation tanks has reduced the seepage of water and the maintenance of canal has increased the irrigation capacity of these tanks. Sluice gates have been repaired and replaced (wherever needed) helping in regulating the irrigation water thereby increasing the irrigation efficiency. The enhanced irrigation capacity significantly benefits the farmers in the area who are then less dependent on rainfall and can plan multiple crops.
  1. Goat/Cattle-Sheds – An individual beneficiary project (Kali Devi w/o Prakash Mina) for the construction of goat/cattle shed was taken up under MGNREGA in GP Birothi Brahman under Kherwara block. One of the major hurdles for executing works on individual lands is the supply of construction materials. 56The GP implemented this work after taking the required technical and financial sanctions through funds under MGNREGA. The cattle shed constructed on individual land benefits all the farmers in the area and provides for more hygienic living condition of their livestock, thereby safeguarding their health and longevity – this also benefits the farmers.
  1. A group-well in Gram Panchayat Jhallara under Jhallara block has been constructed with funds from MGNREGA to provide irrigation facilities in semi critical, critical and dark areas. The work was implemented by the Gram Panchayat which took the financial and technical sanctions for the work. 57During execution, the key challenges were coordination amongst the group of farmers who would utilize the water from this well and supply of construction material for the well. The farmers in the region were earlier dependent on rains and could only grow rain-fed crops such as maize, now benefit from the perennial supply of water from this group-well. It also enables them to grow three crops in a year which has resulted in additional income for them.

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