Desilted channels bring relief to farmers

Silt and weeds often accumulate in the distribution channels of water structures over a period and obstructs the free flow of water, especially to the tail-end farm fields and impact yields. In Penumanchili village of Achanta mandal in West Godavari district, 275 acres of agriculture land depended on one local distribution channel that got heavily silted. Due to lack of sufficient irrigation water from the channel, several farmers shifted to bore-wells for water. Others who could not afford bore-wells stopped cultivation. Under MGNREGS, de-siltation and channel restoration work is regularly taken up to ensure that farmers get regular supply of water in their farms.



Under the leadership of Gram Panchayat sarpanch Sri V Navamohini, the Gram Sabha passed a resolution to take up channel restoration work under MGNREGS. The estimated cost of removing weed and de-silting two kilometres of channel stretch was Rs. 1,07,256/-

Five teams were engaged for ten days at various intervals along the channel to carry out the work. De-siltation would make the channel suitable for free flow of water till the tail-end.


Following years of neglect, de-siltation and weed-removal work under MGNREGS restored the water flow in the channel. The farmers who had given up agriculture due to non-availability of water for all these years restarted cultivation. Even those depending on bore-well preferred to use water from the channel. The yields from the farms are a critical source of revenue for these farmers and their families who are now happy.


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