Elevated Platform for Water Kiosk: A new initiative under MGNREGS

An innovative project named ‘Water Kiosk’ was undertaken by the district administration of Thrissur. The district experiences regular water scarcity. This project was envisaged as a convergence between MGNREGS, Nirmiti Kendra (a government agency formulated to propagate low cost building methods in the state) and the Kerala Water Authority. The strategy was to install water tanks in areas where water scarcity is particularly severe. However, such water tanks need a platform as a base so that the people can collect water without any hassles. The funds from MGNREGS were used for constructing this platform. Nirmit Kendra was entrusted with the responsibility of supplying water tanks and the Kerala Water Authority provided the drinking water needed for the kiosks. 250 kiosks were put up in the district as part of this innovative convergence initiative.


85In Velurkkara Gram Panchayat in Vellangallur Block, which has severe water scarcity, 14 water kiosks were erected to address the water-stress. Each kiosk platform had an area of 2mtr X 2mtr and the technical sanction amount was Rs. 18,589. Wage expenditure for each platform was Rs 4,547 and Rs. 7,026 was utilized as material cost. Each project created three unskilled person days and four skilled person days.


86Preference was given to areas that had no piped water connection for location of the kiosks. The kiosks ensured a regular supply of water to these people with no piped connections, especially during peak summer and drought periods.


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