Life secured with open well at Govindapuram

Govindapuram village in Madakasira mandal of Ananthapur district does not have any perennial water sources. Farmers here practice rain fed agriculture and experience regular stress of income insecurity especially those who have small landholdings. Dependency on rain brings uncertainty in crop yields. Shri Balappa is one such farmer who owns two acres of land and cultivates groundnut. Like every other farmer in the area, this fetches him small earnings and he is completely dependent on rains. He fell into a debt trap due to crop failure in consecutive yearst. Through MGNREGS, it was proposed to construct an open well on his land to support cultivation and this has turned his life around.



In 2012-13, many water harvesting structures were taken up under MGNREGS in Govindapuram village to help the farmers. Shri Balappa approached the MGNREGS officials and decided to have an open well on his land though he was earlier hesitant as it meant losing a small portion of his land for the well. He weighed the pros and cons and realized that losing a crop every year and being pushed into the debt trap was greater loss than losing a small piece of land for the well.

101MGNREGS officials supported his demand and the technical assistant inspected his land and cleared the plan to dig an open well of 45 feet depth. The proposed well was situated close to the irrigation tank in the area and could provide water to this entire two-acre plot.


Shri Balappa cultivated groundnut and watered it with the well water. In the first year, he had a very good yield and earned Rs 15,000 which was sufficient for his family. Through sustainable and assured farm income, he could clear his debts and provide a better future for his family.


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