Lime cultivation through MGNREGS

Shri Paturi Sambasiva Rao owned an acre of land but, in the absence of adequate irrigation facilities, it was a non-performing asset. In 2013-14, he approached the MGNREGS field assistant, to seek advice on how to make his land cultivable and earn income from it. Post field inspection, Shri Rao was advised to cultivate acid lime plantation.

Sambasiva Rao was given 110 lime saplings which he planted in his one-acre land. MGNREGS covered the cost of the saplings and paid him Rs 1,650/- per month to take care of them. Further, he was paid Rs. 18,260/- for watering and Rs. 5,500/- for use of fertilizers.


MGNREGS provided Shri Rao with offers and opportunities to start a sustainable livelihood appropriate to his socio-economic condition and available assets. As an agriculture labourer, he could also utilize the financial support extended to him and took care of the lime plants by nurturing them with water and fertilizers. The plants grew and the crop provided him revenue of Rs. 52,355/- in the first year – similar returns are expected in the coming years.


“I am extremely happy with this transformation. My barren land is now full with acid lime plants and gives me comfortable returns. From an agricultural labourer, I have now become a farmer. This garden will support my family for the next 20 years,” said Sambasiva Rao while sharing his happiness on his transformation from a daily wage worker to a small farmer.


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