Livelihood promotion by establishment of Mushroom Shed

In hot climatic regions, employment opportunities are limited in the post harvesting season that may sometimes stretch to more than six months. In Mandapam block of Ramanathapuram district, it was decided to engage available unskilled labour in cultivation of milky mushroom through MGNREGS. This is a low-cost endeavor suitable for the hot weather and results in promotion of livelihoods for many.


MGNREGS funds were utilized to construct two mushroom sheds in convergence with the Horticulture Department. Sri Thiru Nanthakumar S/o Thavasi, who is the individual beneficiary on whose land the sheds were being constructed, had recently returned to India and was looking for a good and sustainable stable income source in his native village. He proposed this work in the Gram Sabha and it was sanctioned during 2015-16 at an estimated amount of Rs.0.75 Lakh.


Mushroom cultivation is also done at home by many villagers as part-time work and has high demand in the region. If done as a small and medium scale business, it has the potential to support the entire family. The table below describes the benefits of mushroom cultivation. Thus MGNREGS has paved the way for promotion of his livelihood and changed his life for better.


Working Capital for Production of 1Kg of Mushroom
Cost of Paddy straw spawn Labour Charges etc Rs.60 per kg
Conveyance & Electrical Charges – Rs.10 per kg
Total Rs. 70 per kg


Selling Price   Rs.200 Per Kg

from the unit, per day average production Rs.5 kg
Total cost for production 5 x 70 =Rs. 350
Revenue per day 5 x 200 = Rs.1000
Net revenue 1000 – 350 = Rs.650 Per day
Monthly income (for 9 months) out of 1 year 30 x 650 = Rs.19500

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