Pyne de-siltation enhances agricultural productivity

Chandauli village in Barri Gram Panchayat under Katra block in Muzzarfarpur district is a flood affected area and has the River Bagmati running through it. Recurrent floods had reduced the agricultural productivity due to siltation on agricultural land and increased water logging. A pyne (irrigation channel) desiltation site was selected in village Chandauli under MGNREGA. The selected site is in the chaur area where water logging and sand deposition in agricultural land because of floods are the major issues that affect agricultural productivity. Through the DFID funded Infrastructure for Climate Resilient Growth (ICRG) programme, design recommendations were made to renovate the defunct channel to ensure drainage of flood water.


54Post the scoping visit, construction of a barrier wall to protect the structure from soil erosion was included in the design along with half-moon slope at the turning points to reduce the velocity of flowing water.


Widening and deepening of drainage channel bed and sides will allow natural and dynamic flow of water easily during peak rainy season. This will reduce flood risk for the agriculture land. While maintaining proper bed and side slopes of the channel will reduce severe soil erosion and siltation, possibilities of damage from surface runoff will also be reduced. This will increase the life and use of the structure. The barrier wall will prevent the banks of the canal from getting damaged and will improve the longevity of the canal. The structure will lead to an increase in crop productivity by preventing the fields from getting water logged. Approximately 50 families will benefit from the structure.


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