Renovation of Pampoorivaikkal Under MGNREGA

In Mathicode Gram Panchayat under Killiyoor block of Kanyakumari district, renovation of three km channel known as ‘pampoorivaikkal’ was undertaken through MGNREGS. Pampoorivaikkal, which is the inlet channel to Mannukulam tank, starts from Adiyamadai near Palliyadi located about 20 km away from Mathicode panchayat. The channel passes through Mathicode village Panchayat covering 50% of the area and irrigates 120 acres of land. In due course of time, the pampoorivaikkal got silted and this affected the flow of water.



The Mathicode village panchayat undertook renovation of 3 km of this vaikkal at an estimated cost of Rs.1.30 lakhs under MGNREGS. The renovation focused on increasing the width of the channel, de-silting and bush clearance. Prior to the start of work, the channel width had reduced from 3m to 1-2m on account of siltation and growth of bushes. Post implementation, the original width of 3 m was restored, and the silt was cleared upto a depth of 60 cm to clear the channel and enable water flow. Water flow to the Mannukulam tank has also increased thus making more water available for agriculture.



The renovated water channel now makes more water available for cultivation. Water flow in the multiple infiltration wells located near the tank that cater to the water supply needs of the panchayat has also increased. Pampoorivaikkal has raised the ground water

level of the nearby bore wells and wells too. This has helped build resilience of people especially in years of poor monsoons.


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