Road restored lives revised

Jaggampet Gram Panchayat of Jaggampet mandal, East Godavari district has a small road that connects it to the State highway. This road was constructed many decades ago and was regularly used by the villagers to access the highways and their agriculture lands. Lack of maintenance and repair work had led to severe deterioration of the road making it difficult to use. Rural connectivity work under MGNREGS gave this village a new lifeline and brought about a visible change in its economy.


81A gravel road formation work was taken up with MGNREGS funds under rural connectivity project in Jaggarmpet at a planned cost of Rs. 1,35,229/- The villagers who would have benefitted from the road also worked as wage seekers for the construction work. Jungle clearance along the road margins was done and the road widened where required. A beautiful gravel road was constructed replacing the previously damaged and dilapidated road.


MGNREGS Job card holders were engaged for this work. The new gravel road is more durable and easily repairable. The road now facilitates comfortable travel and has improved connectivity. The people are now happy and thankful to the MGNREGS for providing them the road after several long years of wait.


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