Water Conservation – Liquid Waste Management Project

Gram Panchayat Adhmi under Sanoli Khurd block in Panipat district undertook a liquid waste management project through MGNREGA in convergence with Swachh Bharat Mission-Gramin (SBM-G). A pond as a water conservation structure was constructed through this convergence initiative.


The estimated cost of the work was Rs 45.20 lakh of which Rs. 18.14 lakh were sanctioned through MGNREGS and Rs 27.63 lakh were sanctioned through Swachch Bharat Mission (Gramin). Overall, 2362 person-days were generated through this public work that re-used waste water.


One of the key benefits of selecting a pond as a water harvesting structure is to recharge the groundwater which allows more water in the soil, and for longer duration and is extremely helpful during the summer season. Through this, various agricultural crops can be irrigated, and the waste water gets re-used as it gets purified.

Furthermore, the waste land on which the structure was constructed got converted into a useful asset. The new and properly designed pond checked the water overflow problem. The side walk created on the borders could be utilized by the villagers as a pathway, while the swings constructed could be utilize by children to play.


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