Banawala Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing Project, in Jhunir Block, Mansa district

A pilot project, to create Fly-Ash bricks was taken up under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS in village Banawala block Jhunir District Mansa. This Project was initiated through convergence of Vedanta/ Talwandi Sabo Power Plant Limited (TSPL) with Banawala Gram Panchayat. It is the first project under MGNREGS to be taken under Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model.


Land and basic infrastructure was provided by the Gram Panchayat, while 4 machines, 1 mixer and solar panel was provided by the TSPL free of cost under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Training cost of the persons was also borne by TSPL. IEC activities in the village were carried out under MGNREGS. This project is a green project as the electricity is being used through Solar Panel, while rain water is harvested to be used for curing of bricks.

This project is not only to be used to produce bricks under MGNREGS but will also be used as skill development centre, where local youth will be trained in brick making as well as setting up their own business with the help of local banks and TSPL. The material cost/fixed asset cost of the project has been reduced significantly due to convergence.

S. No. Material Name Material used in One Brick (Kg) Unit/ Material Cost (Rupees) Cost Unit Per Brick (Rupees) Remarks
1 Fly Ash 1.2 Free Nil 1. Fly Ash will be provided by TSPL free of cost.

2. On an average a person will produce 300 bricks per day.

3. Solar energy (2.5Kwa) will used for electrical appliances.

4. Sprinklers will be used for curing of Bricks.

2 Sand 0.9 80 Per Quintal 0.72
3 Lime 0.6 ₹ 2 Per Kg 1.2
4 Gypsm 0.3 ₹ 4 Per Kg 1.2
5 Labour 218 Per day 0.73
Total 3.85 Per Brick

Bricks produced at the worksite will be used in MGNREGS works carried in the district and IAY houses that will be constructed in the district. In addition to this a project has been forwarded to the Ministry to allow production of Fly ash bricks in convergence with other centre/state funded schemes.

Advantages of Fly ash bricks:

  1. Light weight
  2. Long life
  3. High strength
  4. Moisture resistance
  5. Thermal insulation
  6. Noise insulation
  7. Environment friendly
  8. Reduces construction cost


  1. Durable Assets Created.
  2. Project will help in ensuring quality in works.
  3. Costs of project taken under MGNREGS will come down as the price of the bricks produced at the plant will be cheaper than the bricks procured from market.
  4. As the works were exhausting under MGNREGS this work will help in providing employment to job card holders.
  5. Skilling of local youth to produce bricks & later take it as a profession with the help of banks and TSPL
  6. This project will also help in keeping the environment green as there will be disposal of Ash and at the same time rain water will also be harvested for curing of bricks.
  7. Even solar energy will be used in the project.

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