Cattle watering trough- Drinking water facility for livestock

Kamagiri Gram Panchayat in Adilabad District of Telangana State has undertaken the construction of cattle watering troughs under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA. These are being created as community assets at strategic locations on the community land. Through this initiative, drinking water facility is being made available to the entire livestock of the village.



Most of the villagers in the Kamagiri Gram Panchayat, Ichhoda Mandal in Adilabad District of Telnagana are small and marginal farmers. Agriculture and cattle rearing are the prominent sources for livelihoods. There are around 700 animals in the village that include 150 milch Animals, 60 plough bullocks, 350 cows, and few sheep and goats. Farmers keep their cattle within the compound of their residences and take them for grazing or agricultural work during the day.

Adilabad district experiences hot and dry climate throughout the year except during the south-west monsoon season. Droughts are a common occurrence. Water shortage especially during summers affects the cattle badly. The villagers demanded for a facility in this regard through Mahatma Gandhi NREGA. The provision under the Mahatma Gandhi NREG Act of ‘Infrastructure for promotion of livestock’ provided scope for building cattle trough, and the villagers proposed construction of four cattle trough at the community level. Three cattle trough have been constructed and the last one is under construction as on November 2016.

These cattle watering troughs are strategically located in the village on the way to the fields. Internal dimensions of the troughs are length- 4.55 meters, width- 1.55 meters and depth- 0.75 meters with a capacity of around 5,200 liters per unit. The expenditure incurred on construction of each cattle watering trough is Rs.17,857/- and has generated 18 person days among three Mahatma Gandhi NREGA job card holders. Pipe line from the local RWS bore well supplies water to the troughs and it is ensured that troughs are always filled up with water.


Ample water being always available in the cattle watering troughs, they are reliable drinking water facility for all the domestic animals including cattle, sheep, goats, etc. in the village. Farmers take their cattle to watering troughs on the way to the field and on the way back. Villagers are very much satisfied with this initiative, and this has indirectly helped to nurture unity among the village community.


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