Cement Concrete Paver Block Road – Paving the way forward

Cement Concrete Paver Block road has been used as a specialized problem-solving technique for providing pavement in areas where conventional types of construction are less durable due to many operational and environmental constraints. In Assam, this method has been used to connect Kochoiting Ahom gaon of Hatigarh Gram Panchayat in Dhemaji district with National Highway – 15 (NH-15).

The process is an easy approach for road construction in rural areas and requires less equipment.



This road from NH-15 to Kochoiting Ahom gaon has been constructed using Cement Concrete Paver Blocks under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA programme. The employment was provided to the Job Card holders of Hatigarh Gram Panchayat where unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled labourers of the area were engaged for the initiative. The project was completed in the year 2013-14.


Such an initiative has provided durable and sustainable road infrastructure to the Gram Panchayat that earlier was having less connectivity. This project has replaced Bitumen works for permanent road connectivity hence reducing environmental pollution and deforestation. Also, Cement Concrete Paver Block road is durable and easily repairable than Bitumen road in a high rainfall area like Dhemaji. A population of about 4000 individuals from Kochoiting, Nalanipam, Hatigarh, Balijan and other adjacent villages have acquired connectivity with an improved access to the highway.


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