Construction of threshing yard under MGNREGA

In certain areas in Karnataka, farmers thresh their harvested crops by laying them on the road, and allowing them to be run over by vehicles. This is unscientific and leads to tremendous wastage of crop. It also poses danger to travellers and the farmers. In light of this problem, threshing yards were constructed in Chitradurga and Chikmagalur districts in Karnataka to ensure safe and cleaning threshing of crops.


Threshing yards have been constructed under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA to provide common spaces to farmers to thresh their produce. These threshing yards are used for segregation of food grains, cleansing and drying. This has led to good quality grain output with an improved income for farmers, thus providing them with sustainable means of livelihood.


Separation of grain from the swath in these areas keeps the grains clean and free from impurities. This has also resulted in the reduction of wastage of food grains. This initiative has significantly brought down the frequency of road accidents in the area that earlier were on a rise.

Voices from the field

“Earlier I used to use public roads in order to segregate grains from the harvested crops, which resulted in poor quality and much wastage. If I had to use a threshing yard, then I had to wait for my turn, since only few farmers in our GP had threshing yard of their own. Now, we have threshing yards developed under MGNREGA. Waiting period is cut-off, quality of the grains has increased and also the losses are reduced to a large extent, which has resulted in more profit.” – Rangappa, Yalagodu Gram Panchayat, Chitradurga Taluk, Chitradurga District

“Introduction of 21 point programme by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka in the State being implemented through RDPR department under MGNREGA is indeed a boon to the farmers’ community. One such achievement is creation of threshing yards which have now become a part of our farming activity. It has minimised loss of food grains. We no longer have to wait along roadsides for getting a gap when there are no vehicles. Obstruction of the smooth movement of the vehicles, unnecessary quarrels with the passengers and accidents are thus avoided.” – Timmegowda Ajjegowda, Lakya Gram Panchayat, Chikmagalur Taluk, Chikmagalur District.


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