Hygiene with magic soak pit

Waste water management is a huge challenge in today’s world. Be it in rural or urban areas, lack of planning and infrastructure for waste maganement leads to unhygienic living conditions giving rise to diseases and unhealthy situations. In the State of Telengana, soak pits are being constructed at household level and community level under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS for solving waste water management issues.



Individual and community level soak pits are being constructed under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS in Telangana. Collection of waste water from the kitchen and bathrooms in a hygienic manner, thereby not letting it to flow down the roads and open public places is the prime objective of this initiative.

These pits are named as Magic Soak Pits because of the unique methodology used. These soak pits are basically pits covered by porous-walled chambers that allow water to slowly soak into the ground. Soak pits constructed at individual household level are of the dimension 1.2m X 1.2m X 1.8 m depth and those constructed at the community level are of the dimension of 2m X 2m X 2m. Cement tubs are used inside on the top of which holes are made to ensure that excess water drains through the filter placed. Solid particles settle at the bottom of the tub, which are removed periodically.

While the project was launched in 2015, the proposal was to construct 3.5 lakh magic soak pits in the State. As of November 2016, 1.4 lakh soak pits have been constructed, and 2.1 lakh soak pits are in progress. Rs.100 crores is the total proposed expenditure for the construction of the Magic Soak Pits.


Construction of soak pits have been extensively implemented in Mittapally Gram Panchayat in Siddipet Mandal, Siddepet District in Telangana. The villagers do not have to worry about water stagnation that are the primary reasons for water borne diseases and epidemics. This is also indirectly helping ground water recharge process, hence increasing the water availability in the area.


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