Model Anganwadi Centres under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA in Mansa district

In order to ensure better environment and basic facilities like, furniture, learning aids, toys, sport equipment, etc. for the children, there was a need for development of a model Anganwadi centres. The district administration of Mansa saw this as an opportunity with support from Mahatma Gandhi NREGA. The convergence programme of MGNREGA helps in roping the essential components of the various departments in order to create a sustainable and durable asset. It was, hence, decided to develop a Model Anganwadi Centre through the Corporate Social Responsibility component of Talandi Sabo Power Plant Limited (TSPL). This project will be developed on a public-private- partnership (PPP) model. The Anganwadi Centres will be initially constructed under MGNREGA programme and later upgraded through convergence with TSPL.


In this project the basic infrastructure (758 Sq. Feet each) will be built under MG NREGA with a maximum cap of 5 Lakh rupees and the other facilities like LCD television, RO water purifier, learning aids, toys, rides, furniture, fans, etc. In addition to this, training will also be provided to the Aanganwadi staff by TSPL through their Corporate Social Responsibility component. 24 Anganwadi Centres will be upgraded as Model Anganwadi Centers through convergence with TSPL (CSR) including those Anganwadi Centres which were earlier constructed under MG NREGA – ICDS Convergence.


Anganwadi Centres which will be newly constructed through MGNREGS – TSPL convergence will use the given layout. This layout has been updated from the earlier versions which were used in the ICDS scheme. During the designing of this layout, it was emphasized that the structures are so constructed that, there is a better inflow of natural light and a high roof to keep it cool in harsh summers.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 3.54.59 PM


This project ensures that a durable asset is created while providing employment to the MGNREGA Job Card holders. The outcome is an improved design of Model Anganwadis in the district to keep them cool and bright in summer with better environment around for women and children. Better facilities and robust infrastructure will serve in the overall – mental, physical and social, development of the children.


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