Road to dumping ground at Mawsmai, Mawkhlam-Nongpyndeng

Nongstoin Town in West Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya had no proper dumping site to dispose the solid and liquid waste from the villages and the market places. After much search, a plot of land in Mawsmai, Mawkhlam-Nongpyndeng was identified for this purpose. The location was three kilometers away from the district headquarters, and there was no road connectivity. This requirement was met by constructing a road under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS and solid-liquid waste management is now being ensured in Nongstoin town.



The District Administration of Nongstoin town located in West Khasi Hills District of Meghalya has constituted a committee for coordinating and looking after the welfare needs of the town community. The committee is called the Nongstoin Town Committee (NTC) and is headed by the Deputy Commissioner of West Khasi Hills District.

One of the recommendations of the committee based on the demand received from the community was creation of a dumping ground outside the residential area in the town to develop solid-liquid management. As the District Administration approved the recommendation, search for an optimum site for a dumping ground began. After much search, a plot of land in Mawsmai, Mawkhlam-Nongpyndeng was found. This location was three kilometres away from the district headquarters. JNV School in the district headquarter limit was the connecting point to the location. The three kilometre stretch from the school to the ground did not have a road. Without road connectivity, transportation of waste materials grew as a concern.

This gave way to the thought of building an approach road to the identified site, and MGNREGS turned up as a suitable option. The Block Development Officer of the Nongstoin Town Area took charge of this work, and convened a meeting with the leaders of all the Village Employment Councils (VEC) in the area.

On realization of the importance of solid-liquid waste management, and the approach road for that purpose, the VEC leaders expressed complete support for fulfilling this task through MGNREGS. All the MGNREGA job card holders in the area were mobilized for the work. The Joint Engineer estimated an average requirement of 14 days of work per each job card holder for successful completion of the task. The work was sanctioned and all 26 VECs in the area were pooled in for the work. Rs.1,68,27,000 was sanctioned under MGNREGS, and Nongstoin Town Committee contributed an additional Rs.20 lakhs towards this initiative. The work was completed during FY 2015-16.


The road construction is complete, and the dumping site is now accessible. Vehicles collect waste materials from the town area and dispose in the dumping ground, where it is further subject to solid-liquid waste management techniques. The Nongstoin Town Committee works actively to ensure that hygiene is maintained in the town, and waste disposal at the dumping ground is being done in proper manner.


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