Augmenting traditional livelihoods through MGNREGS

Old Mohong-I village is in 2-Upper Lekang Anchal Samity under CD Lekang Block of Namsai District. It has a population of 380 and fish rearing is the main source of livelihood in the village. This is a case study of a village successfully utilising available land to augment their traditional source of livelihood in Mohong... Continue Reading →


Micro Irrigation Work At Piyong Khamti

Piyong Khamti Gram Panchayat under CD Block of Namsai district is approximately ten kilometers from the district headquarters. The Gram Panchayat required a source for micro irrigation that would enhance the distribution and efficiency of water from a nearby natural water reservoir for the paddy and other crops for increased yields. IMPLEMENTAION Paddy is the... Continue Reading →


Alubari Gram Panchayat under Chongkham CD Block of Lohit District is situated in the lowlands of the River Bramhaputra and is subject to annual floods. Floods cause immense loss of properties, cultivated lands, livestock, plantations, roads and public transport. Almost every family in Alubari is Below Poverty Line (BPL) with limited resources to protect themselves... Continue Reading →

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