Yojana Banao Abhiyan – A Further step towards decentralization

‘Yojana Banao Abhiyan’ (YBA) literally means ‘Make your own scheme’. YBA was a campaign launched in Jharkhand by the State Government during FY 2015-16. Decentralized participatory planning of schemes for enhancing livelihoods, managing natural resources and improving basic infrastructure in rural areas through MGNREGA was the prime objective of the Abhiyan. Implementation The Yojana Banao... Continue Reading →


Women empowerment through MGNREGA

Supervision and monitoring of MGNREGA work is an extremely important task and is carried out by the Mates. This ensures successful implementation of MGNREGA works as per the needs and demands of the beneficiaries and the wage-seekers. Therefore, it is crucial that there should be sufficient number of well-trained mates in each tola and in... Continue Reading →

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