Elevated Platform for Water Kiosk: A new initiative under MGNREGS

An innovative project named ‘Water Kiosk’ was undertaken by the district administration of Thrissur. The district experiences regular water scarcity. This project was envisaged as a convergence between MGNREGS, Nirmiti Kendra (a government agency formulated to propagate low cost building methods in the state) and the Kerala Water Authority. The strategy was to install water... Continue Reading →


Natural Resource Management through road-side tree plantation

Road side tree plantation is one of the key works implemented under MGNREGS to manage natural resources - prevent soil erosion and conserve moisture. Since 2016-17, this has been taken up as a priority activity across the country including in Kerala. One of the best examples is plantation works undertaken is in Kaaralam Gram Panchayat... Continue Reading →

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