Model Anganwadi Centres under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA in Mansa district

In order to ensure better environment and basic facilities like, furniture, learning aids, toys, sport equipment, etc. for the children, there was a need for development of a model Anganwadi centres. The district administration of Mansa saw this as an opportunity with support from Mahatma Gandhi NREGA. The convergence programme of MGNREGA helps in roping... Continue Reading →


Banawala Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing Project, in Jhunir Block, Mansa district

A pilot project, to create Fly-Ash bricks was taken up under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS in village Banawala block Jhunir District Mansa. This Project was initiated through convergence of Vedanta/ Talwandi Sabo Power Plant Limited (TSPL) with Banawala Gram Panchayat. It is the first project under MGNREGS to be taken under Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model.... Continue Reading →

MGNREGS provides support for Angadwadi building

Out of 153 permissible works under MGNREGA, construction of Angadwadi centres contribute significantly to overall village development. The Rural Development Department, Government of Punjab has taken keen interest in undertaking this work in convergence with funds from the Ministry of Women and Child Development. For this purpose, Gram Panchayat Jhonowal under Garhshankar block in Hoshiarpur... Continue Reading →

Creating Community Assets on Panchayat land

Many Gram Panchayats in Punjab have taken up land development work on Panchayat land through MGNREGS and created common assets for the village to earn stable incomes in addition to earning wages through MGNREGS. Most of these villages record high levels of distress migration and prevalence of migrant labourers with unstable income. This is a... Continue Reading →

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