Community welfare and benefits through MGNREGS works

Three note-worthy initiatives taken up in various Gram Panchayats of Udaipur district of Rajasthan with the help of MGNREGS works promote enhanced irrigation efficiency, hygienic living conditions for livestock and organic farming. This benefits communities at large and especially the farmers. Harit-dhara project in various Gram Panchayats has repaired damaged sluice gates of 84 irrigation... Continue Reading →


Village Playground through MGNREGS

Gram Panchayat Medta PS Mavli, situated about 20 KM from Udaipur city, has ingeniously constructed a playground in the Medta Government Senior Secondary School with the help of MGNREGA. The GP utilized the recently included development of playground as a permissible work under the scheme. Through this, it addressed the twin issues of funds shortage... Continue Reading →

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