Hygiene with magic soak pit

Waste water management is a huge challenge in today‚Äôs world. Be it in rural or urban areas, lack of planning and infrastructure for waste maganement leads to unhygienic living conditions giving rise to diseases and unhealthy situations. In the State of Telengana, soak pits are being constructed at household level and community level under Mahatma... Continue Reading →


Ensuring self-reliance of tribal communities, through provision of Individual Assets

Tribals of Tripura are known as Jhumias who practise shifting cultivation or jhuming and prefer to dwell on small hillocks and higher grounds. They cultivate Jhum and move from place to place like nomads in search of new Jhum land. Jhumia farmers burn the land in the month of March and grow Jhum in May.... Continue Reading →

Orange plantation on FRA land under MGNREGA

Tripura has tremendous potential for development of the horticulture sector because of its climatic and ecological conditions. Convergence of MGNREGS and the Horticulture Department along with enthusiastic participation by the beneficiaries has enabled the Darjeeling Bari ADC (Autonomous District Council) village of Killa Block in Gomati District to realize this potential. Through MGNREGA, the villagers... Continue Reading →

Converting waste-land into sustainable livelihood

Despite owning an acre of waste-land, Sri Promodh Debbarma was working as a daily labourer due to lack of awareness and knowledge on utilizing the land for a sustainable livelihood. Through MGNREGS and in convergence with the Fisheries Department, he converted the waste-land into a water body for scientific pisciculture. This has not only enabled... Continue Reading →

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