Road to dumping ground at Mawsmai, Mawkhlam-Nongpyndeng

Nongstoin Town in West Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya had no proper dumping site to dispose the solid and liquid waste from the villages and the market places. After much search, a plot of land in Mawsmai, Mawkhlam-Nongpyndeng was identified for this purpose. The location was three kilometers away from the district headquarters, and there... Continue Reading →

MGNREGS sprinkles happiness, assures irrigation

Water harvesting structures under MGNREGS assure irrigation throughout the year for agriculture. Well planned structures tap into natural resources without depleting them and make use of what would otherwise get wasted. Once such perennial spring water source (Kalaganda Canal) is in Kalaganda hill range of Padhanpada village in Adasipada Gram Panchayat of Khajuripada block in... Continue Reading →

Construction of Onion Storage Structure in convergence with National Horticulture Mission

Nagamangala Taluk is the largest taluk in Mandya District covering 103885 Ha or 21 % of the district’s geographical area, and the leading contributor to horticulture production in the district. The predominantly backward area has 33% cultivated area under Nagamangala horticulture crops. Apart from seasonal vegetables and coconuts, spikelet onion is one of the major... Continue Reading →

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